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Founder-Indus Education & Research Society

Founder-Indus Education & Research Society


Sindhu Education Foundation is a Registered Charitable Trust, founded by Ch. Mitter Sen Sindhu Ji, an eminent philanthropist. The Trust was registered in the year 2000 A.D. The Founder felt that “Education should liberate human being from the shackles of ignorance, deprivation and misery”. He stressed that the education should be rooted in Indian reality and its composite culture. In his opinion education has to play a dual role of being conservative and dynamic bringing about a fine synthesis between changes oriented technologies and continuity of Indian Culture and tradition.

Sindhu Education Foundation has been deeply involved in the education and social transformation evolving in our motherland for decades. While analyzing various parameters which have been in flux and will remain transient, the Founder was of the opinion that we should have to adopt the openness of the Vedas and Upanishads. He felt that our children should have the moral courage to question and should have determination to seek the ultimate truth. The Foundation is sensitive to the central issue of social cohesion, secularism and national integration and their relevance to the entire educational process.