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Our Vision

Our Vision


Indus Public School has been established with the vision to initiate a ceaseless process of searching qualitative improvement in response to changes taking place in the society. The school has developed a delivery system to make the vision of the founder a vibrant reality.


     Childhood is the time when children are eager to explore a new world and do many things all at once. A time when ideas and energy need to be channelized, Indus Public School lets children discover beauty in the world around them. Here children’s freedom and space is respected to enable them to blossom and assimilate knowledge through a process of self-discovery.

       Student’s inquisitive nature is kindled and their energy is channelized to pursue systematic learning. At every stage, it is ensured that their interest level is sustained and ample scope is provided to them to exhibit their innate talents. This not only helps the students in their overall development but also helps teachers to give individual attention to their students and groom them to their best potential.